Exploited Children United

Taking back social and civil standing by force

Holding perpetrators, collaborators, and the state accountable

Fighting Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, and The Recovery Movement

The BioMedical Model Is Dead

We Will Not Accept the Moral Improvement / F.Y.O.G. Or Scum Like Richard Scwhartz and his Internal Family Systems Therapy

If you have been used by the Family System, then the course of your life has been irreparably altered. Your social and civil standing has been severely compromised. Then as if that were not enough, pressure is then exerted from all quarters to make you forget what has happened and see all problems as being of your own making and as expressions of your own inadequacy. Everywhere you go, you will face this continuing denigration.

You can't fight it alone, you must have Comrades. The way to restore social and civil standing is by banding together and inflicting consequence on both perpetrators and collaborators, and by forcing the state to stop protecting them.

Your therapist is not going to do this for you. They are collaborators. Self-improvement, Motivationalism, and Recovery are all based upon the premise of your own culpability. If you go with these, then you also become a colaborator. . No manner involving submission to the self-reliance ethic is ever going to restore your social and civil standing. The only way is for those who refuse to submit to band together and find ways to strike back.

To the Parents and Other Carers

We are going to hold you responsible, and you are not expected to like it.

To the Doctors and Therapists

If you are helping parents and carers use concepts like Psychiatric Conditions, Brain Chemical Imbalances, Neurological Differences, Developmental Disabilities, or things like Autism, Aspergers, or ADHD in order to psychologically abuse their children, we aren't going to rest until you are put out of action. We don't need the survivors of abuse abusing each other. We will not tolerate it. There is enough child abuse without professional assistance. We are not going to let you guys continue.

To Those Putting Kids on Mind Altering Drugs, You Are In Joseph Megele Territory, But Unlike He, You Are Not Going To Evade Justice!


When Awareness is Not a Choice

Freedom to Express

Beyond Ideologies

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If we let you post your stories endorsing psychotherapy, then we would be letting you make the forums unsafe for those of us who are fighting to obtain redress. The very premise of psychotherapy is that there will be no attempt to change anything except what goes on in the head of the patient.

If someone has been used by the family system, then the problem is not in their own head, in their memories, or there feelings. The problem is that their social and civil standing has been compromised. This is what we are fighting to restore. This is why we share information on the forums. And of course to be safe, we cannot let you diminish those committed to redress.

So you cannot post anything endorsing psychotherapy, religion, motivationalism, or new age live and let live, on any of these forums.